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Hi! My name is Blake Taschuk. I am a personal trainer and nutrition coach working at Evolve North. I am prepared to work with you every step of the way, online or in-person, to ensure you get the results you're looking for! 


I help clients of all ages and backgrounds:

- Get Stronger

- Gain Muscle

- Lose Fat

- Move Pain Free

- Build Sustainable Nutrition Habits


I am not the trainer to restrict foods or hand out cookie cutter programs. Everything you receive is custom to your body and meeting you where you are as an individual! YES, that means you keep eating foods you love! My favorites are steak and cheesecake ;)


I want to spend an hour with you for FREE! We will sit down, unpack your goals, and nutrition habits. Create a step by step plan showing you how to make progress today. Crush a workout, and have a ton of fun along the way! 


Increase your energy, look better naked, get strong, and confident in your own skin. Ask me about your FREE session today!

Read about my clients success below!

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Client Success


Dijo Augustine

“I have been working with Blake for the past three months and I can say that my mental and physical health have never been better in the past 15 years. After starting to workout, I noticed a huge decrease in the level of my stress, reduction in anxiety levels and feeling much better mentally.


I lost 14 pounds in 3 months and I lost about 6 inches around my waist. My stamina has improved and I appreciate his dedication and ability to motivate me. I have made so many changes to my life style in the past 3 months, including better water intake and complete healthy diet. Thank you for your services!”


Trina Harris

“In the last several years I have suffered from hip pain, which effected my day-to-day activities. I saw doctors, physiotherapists and a massage therapist. Nothing seemed to ease the pain I was in!! Then in July I decided to start seeing a personal trainer and was introduced to Blake. I did not have high hopes that I would ever be out of pain.


Needless to say, just a few short months later, not only am I in very little pain, but I’ve lost 25lbs, gained muscle, started eating really well, and feel overall healthy again!!! Blake really works with me and focuses on my areas of pain and the goals I want to set for myself. He really encourages me and pushes me so I can achieve my goals. After doctors and therapists all told me it was my hip causing the pain, I found out from Blake that it was actually my glute causing my pain. Once we determined that, we focused on exercises that would strengthen my glute, along with full body exercises to help me reach my goals. In Just 5 months I feel better than I have in more than 10 years.


Not only has seeing Blake helped me feel better physically, it has helped me feel better mentally. It has helped alleviate stress and gives me something to focus on! Training with Blake has given me confidence in myself and motivation to keep going. All around, it has been a positive experience and I plan to continue training with him even once I’ve reached my goals.”


Alexey Boylan

“I’ve been working with Blake for 2 months now and have already reached milestones that I wouldn’t have expected to reach for at least a year!


 From the start, Blake took the time to understand my goals and created a program that was designed around them. As someone who’s naturally skinny, I was looking to gain muscle and bulk up.


In just the short time that I’ve been working with Blake, I already went from 140 to 160 lbs! I’m lifting weight that I didn’t think I was capable of!”


In 2 short Months;
Alexey’s Deadlift went from 115 - 315lbs for 3 Reps!
Squat from 115 - 230 for 3!
Bench press from 30lb Dumbbells to 185lbs on a Barbell!!

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